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Summer Time Cookout Tips & Tricks

Updated: Sep 3

Summertime fun can’t be complete without a cookout by the pool! There are so many ways to get the whole family involved with games that everyone can play. Don't forget to stock up on plastic utensils, paper plates, cups, and ice. Remember, this time is for you to sit out by the pool and relax with your family and friends.

Tips and tricks on hosting a party

Send out a list of things you need or want people to bring to keep the cost down by letting your friends and family bring part of the meal. Make sure to have a speaker to keep the fun going and get people more engaged. Another great tip is to have games in and out of the pool for more excitement. Have your guests RSVP to ensure there is enough food to go around. Most importantly, always check the weather a week, day, and hour before people plan to arrive!

What to bring to a cookout

Bring a nice gift for the hosts; like a bottle of wine or help out with the food and bring sides. Some great options are chips, drinks for the kids, desserts, and extra coolers. Anything is nice, just bring something that you think they would want as a kind gesture. If you choose to bring entertainment, make sure you know who will be attending so you can decide on entertainment that is appropriate. Speakers, cornhole, and footballs are all great things to bring that anyone can use!

What to bring to a pool party

Don't forget to bring towels for your entire family because they are the hardest things to share when wet! Some other essentials to have are goggles, pool toys, an insulated cup to keep your drink cool, floaties, and sunscreen.

Don’t forget

Always keep an eye on the kids by having an adult watch the pool at all times, or hire a lifeguard for the party so the adults can sit back and relax! To learn more on water safety check out our quick read blog, Kids and Pool Safety.

After the party

Have your guests help you out by throwing away trash, cleaning dishes, putting things away, and having the kids get into the pool to make sure all of the toys are out! Make it fun by turning it into a game, by offering them sweets for whoever helps cleans up.

Cookouts and parties are a great way to have fun with friends and family during this warm weather, make the most out of it by adding a pool! For more information on what pools to install contact Holiday Time Pools at 479-721-1960.

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